The Joburg Book

The Joburg Book is an engaging and authoritative history that follows the story of the city through its spaces and communities – an inclusive, contemporary book featuring a selection of songs, poems and expert articles that give voice to the city’s peoples and reflect its shifting social landscapes.

From ancient rivers filled with gold and deep-impact meteorites, through the dark decades of Apartheid and beyond the fragile transition into democracy, The Joburg Book captures the city’s often uneasy relationship with its past and its future.

Longlisted for the Alan Paton Award for non-fiction, The Joburg Book has sold nearly 10 000 copies since it was published in 2008.     

“Sometimes the exploits of our founders reads like an over-the-top novel. Other incidents have a gravitas and are sometimes brutal reminders of man’s inhumanity.”
The Star 

“More than a history book and more than a guide…”
– Laurice Taitz, 

“Until Nechama [Brodie]’s The Joburg Book came along, there was to me a real lack of memorialising the city, celebrating the city, and documenting the city, in fact. I know there were people doing stuff, there was stuff going on, but generally in the mainstream there just seemed to me to be a lack of it, and I was struck by that, you know — the greatest city in Africa, effectively. And we’re not remembering it.”
– Hermann Niebuhr, artist 

“Every self-respecting Johannesburg aficionado already has a copy of Nechama Brodie’s The Joburg Book gracing their coffee table or bookshelf. It revolutionised the way many residents viewed their city and suburbs by offering an authoritative background to the founding and development of the City of Gold we know today.”
– Getaway magazine

Inside Joburg

Inside Joburg is a pocket guide to the history and heritage of the city of Johannesburg that takes the reader – resident or visitor – on a journey through the city’s spaces, from its geography and history through to recommended places to shop, eat and relax.  

“Even though I understood that the city was the economic hub of the country and was draped in colourful history, I could never see this beauty. Until I read Brodie’s guide to the city, that is.”
– Daily News

“… it’s perfect for the visitor and resident alike to carry around while visiting Joburg’s many interesting things to see and do.”
Lucille Davie,

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  1. Barend van den Berg says:

    Hi Nechama

    I am desperately looking for a copy of the Joburg book. Everyone is out of stock. Could you please assist me in a way in finding a copy. Regards Barend

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  2. […] for this city’s existence was the discovery of gold,” says Nechama Brodie, editor of The Joburg Book, a guide to the history of the […]

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