Who runs the world?

At the end of 2010 I decided it was time I learned how to run. Since then, I’ve gone from struggling through two kilometres on the treadmill to (occasionally) running half marathons – I ran my first 21km in San Francisco in October 2011 (the Nike Women’s Marathon). What you see here is a picture of me about to finish my second: the 2012 Two Oceans half-marathon in April 2012.

As someone who grew up hating running – particularly distance running – it’s still a wonderful surprise, how much I’ve come to enjoy it. I’ve been lucky enough to be guided on my journey by wonderful, experienced runners (and friends) like Tanya Kovarsky.

More than just fitness, running with remarkable women has changed my life – we talk about silly stuff and serious stuff, about the men in our lives and about our children, we talk about work… when we go uphill we don’t talk quite as much, but we give each other the kind of support and encouragement I’d forgotten existed. I think it’s something every woman should experience. (That, and the runner’s high).

I’ve written about running for ELLE magazine, in the Mail & Guardian, and (mostly) on my blogs.