For the words left over

The only thing I’ve ever really loved as much as reading and writing (and talking) is making music. I’m not a great guitar player by any stretch of the imagination (I’m largely self-taught, and was a terrible student when I eventually went for lessons), but what I do know how to do is sing, and so I strum and pick along until I figure out how to turn the few notes I know into a song.

I had a band – briefly – at varsity. And then, for a whole bunch of reasons (one of which was that making music seemed like a pretty hard way to make a living), I gave it up.

I began writing songs again in 2010 and, after recording a bunch of them on a little podcast mic attached to my computer and posting them on my blog, my friends and fans encouraged me to start playing live. After a few months of very nervous open mic nights at TJ’s Music Club, at Marks Park in Emmarentia, I started getting invited to play proper gigs – and I’ve since played at The Radium (opening for Laurie Levine), &Union in Cape Town, Odd Café in Greenside, at the Troyeville Hotel with Matthew van der Want, 88 Kilos of Sunshine, and the phenomenal Chris Letcher, at The Bioscope as part of the Puma “Real Music Wednesdays” series, at the amazing Alma Cafe in Cape Town (with Matthew van der Want), and at the Open Room Studios as part of the monthly Ray-Ban Jozi On Fire.

You can keep up to date with my music, gigs and events on my Facebook page.